authentic meaningful relationships

The partners you meet here are reflective of the qualities Jeff values and respects.

North Sea Films

I like tough, gritty and talented people – and my friend and film director Dana Altman possesses all three of these qualities in abundance. Almost twenty years ago I dumped a hot mess of a project on his desk and he didn’t run – and he hasn’t run since. Today we enjoy doing hard projects in film and television that make a difference in people’s lives. Dana and I are currently in partnership on both the War On Top of the World television series, and the Akicita – The Warrior feature film.

As both a producer and director Dana, and his company North Sea Films, are prolific, having produced seven feature films, three network television specials, seven documentaries and hundreds of commercials and corporate videos. Dana is also well-known as an “actor’s director” and he has worked with Oscar award contenders like the late Robin Williams, Julianne Moore and Liv Tyler, musical artists such as Paul McCartney, Tim McGraw and David Crosby, CEOs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and sports icons like Peyton Manning, Bernhard Langer and the late Dan Weldon. For the past 10 years, North Sea has headquartered its operations out of its 14,000 square-foot production facility in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

Dana and I also cook big, complicated meals together for our families at the Altman “Old MacDonald” farm in Nebraska, celebrate the growth and marriages of our kids, and spend all of the family time we can together. He and his dear wife Deanna have wonderful hearts, and Blaine and I are honored to call them family – the family you choose.

Miller Ad Agency

The classic tough cop film character Dirty Harry, played expertly by legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood, said famously in the 1973 film Magnum Force, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” I took that wisdom to heart and realized I wasn’t talented at everything I tried in my career. Hard lessons painfully earned.

When we needed to synthesize the communication channels of the digital world for the various projects we create, I began the search for experts who could not only guide us in best practices, but who were also forward looking, original thinkers. I found those qualities several years ago in the leadership and team at Miller Advertising Agency in Dallas, Texas. They’re somewhat misnamed in the early 21st century — while they’re experts in advertising, they’re also pushing the limits of digital platforms and are wildly creative. We partner with them, and lean on them, in every meaningful way to support our film, television, talk radio, internet, social media, outreach and philanthropy efforts. They also never look at me like I’m crazy when I have a new idea… Erik Radle and his group are business partners and family friends, and I’m extremely pleased to recommend and personally endorse them.

Jeremy Lock Photography

It’s accurate, but not entirely fair, to call Master Sergeant Jeremy Lock, United States Air Force (ret.) a legend. He does fit the description of legend: seven-time, yes, seven-time U.S. military photographer of the year. That’s legendary for sure and his body of global photography and portrait work both in and out of the military is the high end of the art. What I love about his work is the enormous power of humanity that he captures no matter where he’s shooting. He’s a once in a generation talent, but here’s the kicker: unlike some legendary people above it all with an attitude, Jeremy is the opposite – he’s sincerely a great dude. Fun, funny, mellow, easy to like and hang out with anywhere in the world. There’s an expression in Texas used to describe people like Jeremy: “He’s good people.” You’ll see from his website why he’s in high demand by people like Smithsonian Magazine and National Geographic… but he’ll also photograph for your family and that’s one of the reasons I like him so much. Humble, grounded and cool. 

LTCOL Wayne “Gonzo” Beyer, USMC (Ret.)

LTCOL Wayne “Gonzo” Beyer, USMC (Ret.) – After serving 20 years in the United States Marine Corps as a Cobra pilot, Gonzo left the military, became an airline pilot, and started pursuing a lost passion of his: watercolor painting. He is an artist, turned Marine attack helicopter pilot, turned artist once again. I first met Gonzo in September of 2010 when I was graciously given the opportunity to fly in the Cobra while filming America’s Marine Aviators. On that day, Gonzo said to me, “I’m gonna give a gift you could never buy – I’m gonna make you a Snake pilot”. And he did. I hovered at 5 feet, danced around the box and got to experience the life of a down in the weeds combat attack pilot. 

Wayne is an outstanding American and a great artist. Click on the button down bellow to order his artwork.

Wingman Wristwatches

The Pursuit of the Perfect Aviation Wristwatch

Generations of aviators, dating to the Wright Brothers who timed Wilbur’s first powered flight at twelve seconds, have aggressively pursued another aviation Holy Grail: the perfect wristwatch for flying and living. Yes, flying and living are the same to many of us, and finding a wristwatch that can handle the rigors of flight, along with the requirements to be dapper in the evening, is a tough requirement indeed.