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After more than 20 years of embedded military experience around the world and feature writing for many popular magazines, Jeff recently completed his debut novel and its destined to become a best-seller. He’s now working on a nonfiction book, compiling and detailing his various experiences flying more than 40 U.S. military aircraft as a civilian.

West Point


The first in a bold and visionary series of novels, WEST POINT features a highly innovative plot that incorporates bleeding edge AI technology, well-crafted characters, and breakneck action. WEST POINT has captivated initial reviewers that include senior U.S. military and intelligence officers. The novel is being praised for its plot twists, creativity, and energy, while also being called “stunning”, “extraordinary” and “visionary”. The novel is already being compared to Tom Clancy’s debut The Hunt for Red October.

The genesis of the novel came from conversations Jeff had with U.S. Army representatives in Hollywood. These representatives detailed several projects that the Army had created and were hoping would attract the interest of entertainment industry professionals. One of the project ideas caught Jeff’s eye and after months of thinking, reading, studying, outlining, and plotting, he wrote WEST POINT. In addition to being an incredible debut novel, the novel has attracted the attention of film and television producers and directors. The story is nowpoised to become a tent-pole feature film franchise for a major Hollywood action star.


WEST POINT Pre-publication reviews

John E. (former USAF pilot)
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I spent 35 years as a combat aviator and senior military commander, and I can tell you this novel is authentic. The emotion, the dedication, the sacrifice, and the commitment to your brothers and sisters in arms up and down the chain of command. It put me right back in the cockpit and then in the command suite. Gripping from the start, technically and tactically on point from beginning to end, Jeff’s insight is astonishing.
John C.
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I couldn’t put this book down from the first page. It reminds me of Tom Clancy with the depth of technology. The characters are real and sensational at the same time – you really grow to care for them through the final page. This is sure to be a New York Times best-seller. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen!
Laura A.
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As a true patriot I love reading about the military. As a woman I was so proud to find such strong, brilliant, and diverse female characters. The author created such a great depiction of all the characters that I could picture them in my mind and felt I knew them. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the story. It was hard to put down and I'm patiently waiting for the sequel. Don't miss this one! Five stars!
Steve L. (former USAF fighter pilot)
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A winner here and one hell of a good read!. Great story, great characters and the author does an excellent job of making a fairly complex technical subject readable. It held my attention all the way to the end. Great climax! When I got to the end I did a double take and uttered a WTH! I enjoyed the read and really looking forward to the sequel.
Julie C.
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West Point merges tight action, intelligence and street smarts, good guys, bad guys, and some unlikely heroes in a wild ride to save the world. Jeff Bolton seamlessly weaves high-tech AI concepts in and amongst the vibe of gritty Tier 1 operations and villains you love to hate. In West Point, Bolton gives us a story of redemption, loyalty, and love of country in an action-packed story that makes the reader wonder how much is fact and how much is fiction.
Brian P. (former U.S. Marine officer)
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Truly an amazing read. The author has a gift; this is a great book and will make a great movie!
Mitch B. (former U.S. Marine officer)
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WEST POINT was an awesome read and reminded me of Tom Clancy in his early days. A classy book that’s a sure hit!
Minerva P.
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WOW! I enjoyed this book very much. A very clever story with plenty of twists and varied characters. Can’t wait for the sequel!
Erik R.
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West Point by Jeff Bolton has me begging for a sequel! From the opening page, energy and tension starts to build around the likable protagonist and simply picks up speed to the very end. The collision of a fictional tale with the non-fiction reality of a world reliant on AI and tech for clandestine warfare is an unstoppable formula. If there was ever a book that should be made into a movie West Point is it!

I Was Inverted (And About To Puke!): An Unlikely Civilian Life In America’s Military Aircraft

Nonfiction - Volume I

Jeff is currently writing an almost absurd, sometimes hilarious, and often poignant account of his flying more than 40 current and vintage American military aircraft in various locationsaround the world as a civilian. One thing is for sure: he’s no TOPGUN Maverick. He’s not even a pilotand he falls somewhere well short of having The Right Stuff. But despite all of that, in I Was Inverted he tells extraordinary and inspiring stories – both heart wrenching and heartwarming – from his time embedded with America’s military aviators and their families. He details their experiences as they train, deploy, go to war, and provide humanitarian relief around the world. Readers fly as if sitting next to Jeff in legendary military aircraft, and experience the physical, emotional, and grinding toll of the missions most people can only dream about.