“There are reporters, journalists and those who bear witness. In an age of reflex journalism born of the twenty-four hour news cycle, there are few who remain faithful to the principle of searching beyond the surface and providing the complete story. Jeff is one of those few who possesses the courage to go in harm’s way, gather the salient facts and take the time to ensure he gets the story right. Whether on the ground in Fallujah at the height of enemy activity or walking through highly contaminated radioactive neighborhoods surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant in the aftermath of a Tsunami, Jeff Bolton goes where few would dare, to bear witness - to bring you the unadulterated truth. Jeff applies the same approach to producing films as he does to bringing you the news. Complete, in-depth, providing a better understanding of those involved while highlighting the finer attributes of the human spirit. He is an expert story teller - his narrative is compelling; I eagerly await his next production.”

"Jeff has been a great friend for the many years. From the early days of being a guest on one of his talk shows, or even a last minute “call in” on occasion, Jeff has always made me feel at ease. Jeff’s energy and enthusiasm makes any event, or gathering, fun, exciting, and educational. His constant support for the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, is a God send. A true Patriotic Inspiration."

"As a U.S. Marine, Jeff Bolton’s exuberates trust and a commitment to Marine Aviation’s heritage and telling our personal stories. In his ventures, while deployed with our Marines in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Tomodachi in Japan, he captured via live radio and video, the selfless day-to-day sacrifices made by our Marines. Jeff provided valued, dependable, and unbiased reporting that seized the depth, breadth, and accurate viewpoint from the lens of our Marines. From all his hard work, America’s Marine Aviators documentary reflects his commitment to capturing our perspective and getting it right. No better talented American on ensuring as a wingman, he will always have your six. "

"One of our challenges with our soldiers is learning how to communicate ideas with an empathetic and strategic mindset. As a subject matter expert in communication, Jeff Bolton provided our students with a very creative and simple approach on how to be heard and get their points across. With numerous worldly and extraordinary life experiences, his storytelling was captivating, encouraging and positive with our soldiers and provided them context on how to employ these new communication techniques. Always looking for ways to improve our military, Jeff’s insights on communication were essential to helping our soldiers."

"As a veteran outreach advocate and supporter of numerous charities, Jeff has selflessly given himself to our cause to ensure the memories of our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Coastguardsmen were never forgotten. He leaned forward on many of his networks to assist in getting our message out and helped us on successfully building the Marine Aviation Memorial Tower in Pensacola, Florida. For nearly ten years, Jeff supported over 60 events to ensure the right strategic communication message was in place to meet our organizational goals. One of the professional and personal characteristics, which separates him from others, is his willingness to always say ‘Yes’ to any project when it involves “doing the right thing for the right reason."

In the eight years I have known Jeff Bolton, I have found him to be a good friend. Jeff is a great father and sets a great example that “would be” parents would do well to mimic. He spends lots of time efforting charitable causes and has enlisted my aid on occasion. This selfless side of him is something that is particularly endearing. Whenever visiting with my crew, Jeff is always asking what he can do and how he can help. Whether it’s for a visit or for teaching a class at the range; he is always willing to lend a hand. His accomplishments stand on their own merit and are numerous in scope and diversity. Whether doing a radio talk show or flying in a B-2, he is always finding new and ever evolving ways to motivate and inspire us all to do greater things. In closing, I want to state that I consider it a blessing to know Jeff Bolton and his family and know that I am better for it.

"Jeff Bolton is an intense speaker who keeps you engaged and entertained. A motivator you can relate to."

"Jeff's never give up attitude is contagious."

" His faith has molded him and carried him thru life's challenges. Jeff Bolton is a great example of how far you can go you when you encourage others."

"I would label him the Ultimate Patriot. His patriotism is infectious and you know he is making this world a better place just by knowing him. I know he has been a wonderful addition in my life."

"It is an honor for me to introduce Jeff Bolton, an essential part of our Operation Care International team, to you. Jeff has been volunteering since 2014 as an emcee for OCI’s Fund Raising galas, helping to raise much-needed funds to support special Christmas events that serve 6,000 to 10,000 homeless and impoverished guests.

Jeff is one of our life-changers who is always available to help OCI in its mission is to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless and impoverished in Dallas Metroplex and many other parts of the world. Compassionate and caring, he has a big heart for helping others, especially our veterans.

As an effective communicator, Jeff has served as host for one of our televised productions promoting a special charitable project. He is a great community leader who is well respected in his field as a radio announcer and is regarded as one of the best! With an unwavering devotion to his family, Jeff is a loving husband and an amazing Dad to his two children. Professionally, Jeff is motivated and goal-oriented, and I am confident that whatever project he is involved in will be a success. He is an asset to our ministry. Please do not hesitate to call me during office hours or to send me an email for any questions."