Motion Picture

With a devoted and directed heart to tell inspiring, unknown stories, Jeff is developing, scripting, and producing several motion picture projects.

Akicita - The Warrior

Feature Film

Many people point to America’s treatment of its Native American population as one of the darkest chapters in her history. Despite this oppressive past, the human spirit rises, even on dark and remote Indian reservations. The upcoming motion picture Akicita – The Warrior is based on true events from Lakota Sioux Thomas Ross Brewer’s celebrated life of service and sacrifice. From his difficult young life on and around the notorious Pine Ridge Indian reservation to the battlefields of Afghanistan, the film details Tom’s early life, his career as a highly decorated soldier in the U.S. Army, his service as a Senator in the Nebraska legislature, and his epic fight to preserve the culture and dignity of the Sioux Nation.

A deeply uplifting story, the ground-breaking movie reveals an extraordinary story about an inspiring figure; one who has overcome enormous obstacles to serve his fellow Americans on battlefields abroad as well as the Native American people at home in the United States.