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Produced by Jeff Bolton and directed by Dana Altman, America’s Marine Aviators is rich, detailed story with colorful history, today’s reality and tomorrow’s high technology. The ground-breaking documentary film has been hailed for its honesty and emotional realism. The film captures Marine aircraft, missions, pilots and crews at the tip of America’s spear around the globe. The film accelerates in a dynamic and innovative way combining extraordinary action and human elements – bringing American citizens the story of one of their most valiant, but unknown combat forces.

America’s Marine Aviators DVD’s can be personally signed by Jeff. Email Denise at drhurd@jeffbolton.org

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The Pursuit of the Perfect Aviation Wristwatch

Generations of aviators, back to the Wright Brothers who timed Wilbur’s first powered flight at twelve seconds, have aggressively pursued another aviation Holy Grail: the perfect wristwatch for flying and living. Yes, flying and living are the same to many of us, and finding a wristwatch that can handle the rigors of flight, along with the requirements to be dapper in the evening, is a tough requirement indeed. Read More