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With a lifelong admiration for military families and their sacrifices, it makes perfect sense that Jeff has made a point of sharing their stories for much of his career. He continues to seek out emotional and meaningful stories about American military missions and service to share with viewers.

THE WATCH: America’s Nuclear Mission Revealed

Television Documentary Series

A groundbreaking television series event, THE WATCH: America’s Nuclear Mission Revealed details the incredible world of our nation’s nuclear deterrence mission. The documentary series is in production with the full cooperation of the Department of Defense and focuses on the people, weapons, and tasks of this extraordinary and virtually unknown military mission. For those Americans who remember the Cold War, they recall a time when the United States and the Soviet Union faced each other with enormous arsenals of thermonuclear weapons until the early 1990s; the nuclear-armed world has changed rapidly since that time. THE WATCH is the first television series in history examining the role of the United States military in preserving global peace amongst the increasing numbers of weapons of mass destruction wielded by both nation-states and terrorist groups.

THE WATCH is being filmed in docu-follow format and features the men and women of United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) performing their global mission of nuclear deterrence in the air, on land, and at sea. The danger and gravity of the mission are conveyed from the perspective of these American military personnelwhose average age is 28 years old. Their authentic personal stories, told from both in their homes with their families and at work while performing the single most important military mission on the planet, is an unprecedented revelation to the global television audience.

America's Marine Aviators

Television Documentary

Jeff produced the documentary America’s Marine Aviators (AMA), the first film in television history to tell the story of one of America’s smallest but most valiant fighting forces: U.S. Marine Corps pilots and aircrew. The documentary was honored by being the first film selected to screen in the National Archives Theater in Washington D.C. at the prestigious 2009 GI Film Festival. at the The distinguished guest list for the world premiere included Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps General Jim Amos, and NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr., a highly decorated retired Marine aviator.

The film was also featured at the 97th Birthday Celebration of Marine Aviation at Marine Corps Air Station New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Former Marine Aviator and automotive legend Bob Lutz headlined the celebration. The event included a ceremony honoring Marine aviators, aircrew, and Navy Corpsmen who have given their lives in Marine aviation while fighting the Global War on Terror.

The film’s next major milestone was its U.S. broadcast premiere on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in 2010. After its successful PBS broadcast run the film was optioned for global distribution by Armed Forces Network (AFN). In 2018, America’s Marine Aviators enjoyed a highly successful global streaming premiere on Amazon PRIME VIDEO where it can still be viewed. The film continues to garner tremendous global viewership and is lauded for its stark realism and in-depth interviews with both Marines and their families.