Full Jeff Bolton B-2 Video: Part 1

Full Jeff Bolton B-2 Video: Part 2

Photo: Jeff Bolton

Vehicle interdiction barriers, razor wire, blast proof gates, squads of heavily armed guards, snarling military working dogs, multiple vault doors, roving assault teams, and dozens of very, very serious air warriors awaited Jeff as he entered Whiteman Air Force Base – the citadel protecting America’s small fleet of B-2A stealth bombers. Jeff’s mission would be historic: he would be the first person, military or civilian, ever allowed to fly and film aboard the ultra-secret national asset. He and his team, with unprecedented and extraordinary access to the B-2 and its many teams, embedded deep in the community for a week to tell the stories of these valiant fighting men and women in an upcoming series of articles, photographs, and videos in the Defense News family of media outlets.

Time to fly. Jeff uttered a G-rated version of “Shepard’s Prayer” and climbed the ladder into the belly of “The Beast”…

Photo: Jeremy Lock

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